Gov. Ramon V. Guico III
Mayor Jesster Allan B. Valenzuela


Illi iti Balay iti Burgos

Barangay Ilio-Ilio (Iliw-Iliw) is the farthest barangay from the town proper. It is comprised into three (3) villages namely Barangay Centro, Sitio Cabongaon and SitioPao/Paratec.

Magandang Barangay Ilio ilio has its beautiful surroundings with clean beaches, white sand and beautiful rock formation. Beach Resort namely La Vida Resort, Cabo Beach Resort, Jolins Beach Resort, Rubens Place, Bon Bon Resort, PR Beach Resort are all located at Sitio Cabongaoan. That’s why it is acknowledged as the “Boracay of the North”. The said barangay has well-managed facilities such as Barangay hall, Barangay Health Center, Children’s Play Ground, Day Care Centers and Open Gym.

During the early days, when the people living in this barrio go to town, they stayed long in the town because the distance was too far for them. As they were in the town, they felt homesick (“mailiw” in Ilocano). Also when they were in the barrio the same thing happens. As time goes on, this attitude of the people happens to them always. It was during the year 1901, when Don Lucas Bonilla was a Councilor, the people agreed to establish the barrio. Because of the attitude (mailiw) of the people when they were in the barrio or in the town, they agreed to name the barrio “ILIW-ILIW”. Since that time, “ILIW-ILIW” was its historical name.

“NGATO” (means TAAS) was its past popular name. It was a long time ago before the establishment of its present official name when there was only two houses standing on this place and the people living nearby this place called “NGATO” because of its location and situation. People coming from any direction go up in going to the place for it is located on the top of a hill. The name was established since the original families claimed to stay in this place.



Barangay Ilio-Ilio is a progressive and self-reliant community inhabited by healthy, well informed God-fearing and peace-loving residents, participating in Local Governance to sustain its environmental and eco-tourism balance.


Barangay Ilio-Ilio shall promote peace and order and uplift the economy through effective local governance and delivery of Basic Services of the Citizenry.

The Feast Day in Barangay is every Eastern Sunday there is no specific month and date

Barangay Ilio-Ilio (Iliw-Iliw) is situated along the coastline of Western Pangasinan in the town of Burgos, the farthest Barangay 22 kilometers away from the National Highway.

  • Total Population: 2,542
  • No. of Households: 603
Barangay Officials
FELINIO N. CUENTES           Punong Barangay
CHARITO R. ABELLA, JR. Barangay Kagawad
RODNEY B. NOMUS Barangay Kagawad
GERALD E. NACORDA Barangay Kagawad
CONRADO  B. BURLAZA, JR. Barangay Kagawad
NARDY M. BONSAY Barangay Kagawad
GREGORIO O.  ANIGA, JR. Barangay Kagawad
FRANCISCO B. BURLAZA  Barangay Kagawad
RHASTY A. ROMERO Barangay Secretary
ARLENE E. NAVAL  Barangay Treasurer
SK Officials
Melissa R. Caberto SK Kagawad
Marife N. Ancheta SK Kagawad
Ciara B. Abay SK Kagawad
Ella C. Besa SK Kagawad
Mark Arjan C. Jalandoni SK Kagawad
Ginalyn E. Padama SK Kagawad
Ana Marie A. Caguioa SK Kagawad
Judy Mae C. Fidel SK Treasurer
Rica Mae C. Fernandez SK Secretary

Barangay Ilio-Ilio the remains as the leading palay producer of high quality.The main source of livelihood among the residents is farming, Cattle, goat raising, fishing, Bagoong making are an alternative sources of living one forth of the land area of are planted kabayugan and kakawayanan.

The Barangay has spring also along the creek side that supports some rice and vegetable fields in the Barangay.

It is blessed with the Philippine Sea with slightly elevated shore face enveloped by thick deposits of coral-derived sand and shingles, white sand.

The project highlights in community for the implementation for the welfare of children, in this barangay. The barangay has been working side by side with the Punong Barangay, Barangay Kagawads in empowering the whole barangay, to establishing a more sustainable living through the following programs and services.

Community Organization – is geared towards a systematic, planned and empowered, self-reliant and transparency.

  1. Children and Sangguniag Kabataan implement and conduct activities toward children and youth development, seminar, sports activities and workshop on children and youth issues and concerns. Beautification and cleanliness in the Barangay, We have allocated the amount of Php 317,447.00
  2. Parent Organization –empowering parents, though Mother class,
  3. Barangay Council for the Protection of Children (BCPC) we have located 30,070.00.
  4. Health and Services includes nutrition, environmental sanitation, monitoring health of children and their parents are provided with medical service and assistance.
  5. Senior Citizens and PWD
  6. Gender and Development (GAD)
  7. Alternative Learning Systems
  8. TESDA to the out of school youth
  9. Barangay Development Project like infrastructure project, building, road.
  10. Barangay Disaster Risk Reduction Management Program
  • Farmers Association
  • Fishermen’s Association
  • Ilio-Ilio OFW and Families Association