Gov. Ramon V. Guico III
Mayor Jesster Allan B. Valenzuela


Illi iti Balay iti Burgos

Barangay Poblacion is an urban Barangay. It is the center of the town of Burgos, Pangasinan.

Where the Eastern part of Barangay Poblacion is the Barangay Don Matias, in the Western is Barangay Cacayasen, Northern is Barangay San Vicente and the Southern is Barangay Sapa Pequena.

There is a total land area of 661 hectares where 1.15% the total composition of the municipality, 68.32% of the residential area, 27.98% is the agricultural area where rice is usually the product and 3.70% is the commercial area where you can find the public market, 7/11, Chooks to go, the Generic Pharmacy, carenderias,Cebuana Lhuillier, Palawan Express, Western Union and hardware.

In the South-East part you can see the Burgos Central School, Family Clinic,M Lhuillier and BangkoPangasinan. In the Northern part you can see the St. Isidore Parish Church which was built during the Spanish Regime. You can also find the Rural Health Center and Lying-In Center, the Regional Trial Court and Municipal Trial Court, the Burgos Municipal Hall, Barangay Hall, Police Station, Town Plaza and the only ATM of Landbank for the 4Ps members, Landbank pensioners and other Landbank members.

The Barangay Poblacion has a total population of 3,300, more or less 793 households where 1,018 males and 1,163 females 54 4Ps members and 91 senior citizen members.

A sailor from Ilocos Norte, by the name of Matias Guiang regularly plied the China Sea between Ilocos and Zambales for the purpose of trade. Upon his return to the Ilocos, he told stories of flourishing trade and he migrated with his neighbors, relatives, and friends to Northern Zambales, now the western part of Pangasinan. More and more settlers came after Matias Guiang and in the year 1830 he led a petition to the Governor of Zambales for the establishment of a “Pueblo”. Their request was granted and a new town was named San Isidro after the name of their Patron St. San Isidro and Matias Guiang became the first “Governadorcillo”. In 1913, during the administration of Presidente Municipal Don Anacleto Ruiz, the name of the town was changed to Burgos after the name of the Filipino hero Father Burgos.



Barangay Poblacion is a progressive and orderly community inhabited by hardworking, well-informed and God-fearing people living in a peaceful and clean environment under a transparent, dedicated and honest leadership.




To promote peace and order, ensure safety and convenience of the people living therein and strengthen the capacity of barangay leaders to effectively deliver basic services to the people.


Barangay Fiesta : Every 3rd Sunday of the January
  • Geographical Location ( Boundaries )
    •                         East: Brgy. Don Matias
    •                         West: Brgy. Cacayasen
    •                         North: Brgy. San Vicente
    •                         South: Brgy. Sapa Pequena
  • Total Land Area of the Barangay :
  Land Area in Square          Kilometer Land Area in Hectare % to total Land Area of the Municipality
        143.6195 sq.m.         661 Hectare         1.150258 %
  • Distance From :
    1. Poblacion : 0 km
    2. ProvicialCapital : 7 km.  
    3. National Highway : 0 km
  • Distribution of Land by use
 Type of Use Land Area (Sq.) Kilometers     Land Area   (Hectare )      % to Total
1.Agricultural 40.1900        184.9478           27.98 %
3.Residential 98.1170        451.5952           68.32 %
4.Commercial 5.3125          24.4570    3.7 %
6.Idle Lands      
  • Population :               3464
  • Total Households:   830    
  • Total Families:          991
Barangay Officials
Reynaldo C. Doren Punong Barangay
Estrella B. Manayao Brgy. Kagawad
King Jordan B. Valenzuela Brgy. Kagawad
Clarence B. Braga Brgy. Kagawad
Luis D. Abella Brgy. Kagawad
Lizalyn L. Manamtam Brgy. Kagawad
Jesus Nicanor D. Rosete Brgy. Kagawad
Jessie B. Casta Brgy. Kagawad
Desiree B. Magno Brgy. Treasurer
Ma. Levita C. Navarrete Brgy. Secretary
SK Officials
Banjo V. De Guzman SK Chairman
Edison C. Alcantara SK Kagawad
Adolph Clinton S.Caracas SK Kagawad
Jovelyn A. Fabricante SK Kagawad
Mark James B. Viado SK Kagawad
Paul Edward D. Ramirez SK Kagawad
Edmart R. Ramos SK Kagawad
John Michael B. Fernandez SK Kagawad
    • Employment Data
      • Locally Employed _____540___
      • Self-Employed:970
      • Employed Overseas:150
      • Total Number of Employed Residents:_______1660_______
      • Total Number of Unemployed Residents:275
      •        Profession/Vocation   Number Non- Employed Employed
        1.Doctor 30   30
        2.Engineers 69 3 66
        3.Nurses 112 9 103
        4.Teachers 151 11 140
        5.Seaman 56 15 41
        6.Skilled Workers,specify- Carpenters               Line-men drivers, dressmaker, Ricemill operator part time only 85 26 35 20 4   85 26 35 20 4
    • Major Sources of Livelihood (e.g. farming,Fishing,employment, business)
      • Rank:
        1. Employment
        2. Business
        3. Farming
    • Major Locally Produced Products/Raw Materials
        1. Palay
        2. Bamboo
        3. Charcoal
    • Distribution of Establishments by major economic sector
      • Agricultural Establishment
        •                                                Type                Number
          a.Poultry/Livestock Farms  
          b.Nurseries/Flower growing  
          c.Breeding Stations  
          e.Oyster/Mussel Farms  
          g.Vegetable Farms  
          h. Others (Specify)  
      • Commercial Establishment
        •                             Type               Number
          a.Sari-sari Stores 134
          c.Groceries/Dry Goods Stores 5
          d.Banks and Financial/Lending 4
          e.Motor Supply Stores 7
          f.Distributors,Dealers of Various Products 3
          g.Gasoline Station 1
          h.Photo and Record Shops 3
          i.Hospital/Clinic 2
          j.Jewelry Stores  
          k.Pawnshop 4
          l.General Services/Contractors 5
          m.BeautyParlos and Barber Shops 7
          n.Fitness Gyms 1
          o. Restaurants 13
          p. Insurance/Dealer in Securities  
          q. Furniture Stores 3
          r. Livestock and Poultry Supply Stores 5
          s. Hardware 6
           t.  Videoke Shops  
           u. Internet Café Shops 5
      • Industrial/Manufacturing Establishment
        •                              Type              Number
          b.Metal Craft 2
          c.Furniture 2
          d.Garments 2
          f.Food Processing  
          g.Mining and Quarrying  
          i.Rice/Flour/Corn Mills 2
      • Communication Services (Pls.check)
        •                           Type If not present,state distance to the nearest service
          Telephone ü   
          Cellular Network/Site ü   
          Internet ü   
          Postal Services ü   
          Other (pls. Specify)  
        • Registered Voters
          • Registered Voters
          •           Election Data 2016 COMELEC Data 2018 COMELEC Data
            1.Registred Voters 1931 1823
            2.Numbers of Voters Actually Voted 1,321 1277
        • : Barangay Government and Administration
          • Fiscal Capability
            • Income of the Barangay From Regular Sources
              •                                 Amount
                  FY 2015    FY 2016   FY  2017
                1.      Revenue From Tax Ordinance 29,340 6,500 32,000
                2.      Barangay Fees and Charges 52,300 38,000 55,000
                3.      Others (Donations/Fund Raising) 1,450 6,000 6,000
                1.      Internal Revenue Allotment 1,992,54 2,194,712 2,732,764
                2.      Real Property Tax share 123,808.36 108,000 126,000
                3.      Share from Sand, Gravel and Other Quarry Resources      
                4.      Community Tax Share      
                5.      Proceeds from the Development Utilization of National Wealth      
                6.      Annual Contributions to Barangay      
                a.      City/Municipality      
                b.      Provicial      
                7.      Others (specify)      
          • Actual Expenditures
            •               Expenses                                            Amount (P)
                     FY 2015       FY 2016       FY 2017
              1.Personal Services      765,602 730,528 825,137
              2.Maintenance and Other expenses 278,130.74 299,558 338,990
              3.Capital Outlay 30,000 83,000 350,000
                    T O T A L      
          • Facilities owned and/or operated by the Barangay Government as of CY 2013 (pls. Specify)
            •                            Facilities            Pls. Check if Present
              a.      Barangay Hall/Center ü   
              b.      Barangay Health Center ü   
              c.       Day Care Center ü   
              d.      Barangay Reading Center ü   
              e.      GabaysaMamamayanAksyon Center ü   
              f.        Multipurpose Hall/Pavement ü   
              g.      Market/Talipapa ü   
              h.      Playground ü   
              i.        Others  
      Being an agricultural barangay, most of the residents have backyard gardens and farm animals such as native chicken, goats, cows and carabaos which are raised either as food or help in the fields.  Malnutrition rate is minimal due to the existence of backyard gardens.  
    • HEALTH
      The top 5 cause of morbidity in the Barangay are
    1. High- Blood
    2. Heart Attack
    3. Dengue
    4. Cancer
    5. .Diabeties
        While the top 5 cause of mortality are    
    1. High-blood
    2. Heart Attack
    3. Dengue
    4. Cancer
    5. Diabeties

    The Barangay Health Workers (BHWs) in coordination with the Municipal Health Office regularly conduct advocacy/IEC on healthy lifestyle and how to prevent the common diseases.


    Majority of the population are engaged in either farming or fishing considering the presence of farmlands and bodies of water in the barangay.  A small portion of the population are engaged in micro-businesses, while those who were abele to finish college are employed either in the government or in the private corporations.


    Services of the local water district is present in the barangay. However, its water is not safe for drinking, hence majority of the residents are buying drinking water from water stations at the Poblacion area.


    Barangay Poblacion is generally peaceful with seldom occurrence of petty crimes.  Barangay Tanods are conducting night patrol regularly to ward off lawless elements from committing disorder in the area.  The presence of CCTVs and street lights in strategic places are also big help in the maintenance of peace and order and public safety.


    Barangay Poblacion has a __88__% literacy rate.  The presence of public elementary and high school in the area is a great contribution to this high literacy rate.  Parents are being warned to send their children to school, since that is their duty and obligation and that the government is promoting universal education to this end.


    Several civil society organizations, non-government and people’s organization exist in the barangay.  People’s participation is valued by the barangay official as manifested during barangay assemblies.


    Barangay Poblacion has __5___km barangay roads, ___0____km is already concreted/cemented.  The remaining rough roads will be the priority of the present administration.  Likewise, the Barangay Hall, Barangay Health Center, Barangay Day Care Center, covered court are all in good condition and are regularly being maintained.


    Punong Barangay Reynaldo C. Doren is a first/re-elected/comebacking Punong Barangay. Four (4) of the Barangay Kagawads are first termer.  All elective and appointed barangay officials are committed to ensure good governance.

Development Plans
  1. Construction of Line canals
  2. Box Culvert
  3. Road Concreting
  4. Improvement of Multipurpose Hall
  5. Improvement of Covered Court
  6. Improvement of Day Care
  7. Construction of Training Center
Community Associations
  1. Smart Ladies
  2. Lions Club
  3. Guardian
  4. Kabalikat
  5. Local Council of Women