Gov. Ramon V. Guico III
Mayor Jesster Allan B. Valenzuela


Ili ti Burgos

Barangay Tambacan is located along the National Road going to Zambales with 4.5 kilometers away from Poblacion, it is the first barangay of the 14 barangays of the Municipality of Burgos after leaving the Municipality of Mabini and bounded by a bridge in Balingkaging River. Barangay Tambacan is composed of seven (7) sitios namely: West I, West II, Proper, Mapilapila, Polipol, Masingued and Tataluyen. It can be reached by riding in a bicycle, motorcycle, tricycle, jeep and truck. Barangay Tambacan is surrounded by a river and creek. Sitio Masingued, West I and some part of Sitio Mapilapila are prone to flood. The main sources of income are farming, fishing and animal raising. The main crops are rice, vegetables, sugar cane, coconut and there are many bamboos. There are two (2) farmers association: Tambacan Rang-Ay Association and Riverside Fisherfolks Association.

According to the old people of this barangay, some parts of this place was owned by the rich people living in the town of Burgos. Some of their workers are living in a wide parcel of land. The workers dump/tambak the agricultural products they gathered before they bring it into the town where the land owners stay. This is how “BARANGAY TAMBACAN” named.


Barangay Tambacan is a progressive and self-reliant community with healthy and well-informed resident who are God-fearing and peace loving. Participate in local governance to sustain its environment and promote economic condition of the people.



Barangay government of Tambacan, Burgos, Pangasinan shall implement peace and public safety plans, intensify tax collection, improve agriculture, encourage entrepreneurship, enhance clean and green projects, sustain social services and further development infrastructure facilities.



Every 10th day of April is the Barangay Fiesta Celebration of Barangay Tambacan, Burgos, Pangasinan.

Barangay Tambacan is located along the National Road going to Zambales with 4.5 kilometers away from the Poblacion.

  Land Area:
  • Agricultural Land:      444.0044 Sq. km.
  • Residential   Land:      181.4311
  • Forest Land:                16.7238
  • Pasture Land:              93.5082
  • East - Municipality of Mabini, Pangasinan/Mapotek Creek.
  • West - Barangay San Vicente and Barangay Anapao
  • North - Municipality of Mabini, Pangasinan/Balingkaging River
  • South - Barangay Don Matias (Madori Creek) and  Barangay San Miguel
  • Total Population                 : 1,686
  • Households                         : 396
  • Families                              : 474
Barangay Officials
RAMON G. VALDEZ PunongBarangay
ADELA T. RICO Barangay Kagawad
BRANDY A. BADION Barangay Kagawad
HANNIBAL B. BONALOS Barangay Kagawad
MATIAS V. PERALTA Barangay Kagawad
MACRENA P. GANDEZA Barangay Kagawad
MERLINA N. BONALOS Barangay Treasurer
GLORIA B. OLIVA Barangay Secretary
SK Officials
Liezel C. Lapitan SK Kagawad
Melissa B. Oliva SK Kagawad
Joy C. Lotino SK Kagawad
Gerrilyn Joy S. Amigable SK Kagawad
Katrina Mae B. Nudo SK Kagawad
Marvin G. Oboza SK Kagawad

Agricultural is the main source of income of the people. There are 1,227 temporary employed, 78 self employed, 60 overseas workers, 1350 employed and 120 unemployed residents.


Our Punong Baraga Norleto C. Bustamnate is re-elected Punong Barangay. All elective and appointed barangay officials committed to ensure good governance.

Infrastructure Projects
  • Concreting of access road
  • Stage Roofing
  • Repair & Painting of Child Development Center
  Basic Education
  • Implementation of BCPC
  • Sustainability of Alternative Learning System
  Peace and Order
  • Implementation of curfew hours
  • Maintain Day & Night duty of Brgy. Kagawad and Brgy. Tanods
  • Conduct Foot Patrol
  Health and Nutrition
  • Immunization of children
  • Pre-natal check ups
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Operation Timbang (OPT)
  • Distribution of medicines and vitamins
  • Dissemination about COVID-19 (Information & Education Campaign)
  Environmental Development
  • Establishment of MRF
  • Regular Clean-Up Drive along river
  • Regular picking up of plastics along the roads
  • TAMBACAN RANG-AY ASSOCIATION- a association of the farmers.
  • RIVERSIDE FISHERFOLKS ASSOCIATION  a association of the farmers And fishermen.