Gov. Ramon V. Guico III
Mayor Jesster Allan B. Valenzuela

Functional Role of the Municipality

Illi iti Balay iti Burgos

The municipality of Burgos is recognized as an agricultural and agro-industrial municipality.  The Provincial Physical Framework Plan (PPFP) of the Province of Pangasinan classifies Burgos as a satellite growth center, being connected to surrounding municipalities. The central portion of the municipality is identified as a highly restricted agricultural area (HRAA). Thus Burgos is basically designated as an agricultural municipality making vital contributions to the agricultural and industrial development of the province. The PPFP does not mention any particular industries that can be the focus of development in the municipality. Forest lands for preservation are identified in the northernmost part while also mentioning the mangrove areas of Burgos. Reforestation, low susceptibility to landslides and flooding are noted. Among the concerns identified in the municipality are the need for socialized housing in view of its informal settlers, the need for a health service and water and sanitary facilities.  The national road passing through Burgos is seen as an important factor that may affect development in the municipality. In like manner, the provincial road to Ilio-Ilio has been earmarked for conversion as national road. The proposed Dasol-Burgos-Agno-Bani-Bolinao coastal road has also been identified as a major intervention in the municipality. Mapped under the PPFP, Burgos is visualized basically for production land use with grazing, pasture and agricultural lands. In line with all these, the municipality of Burgos should be developed as an agricultural municipality able to provide support for the other urban centers of the province given its strategic location.