Gov. Ramon V. Guico III
Mayor Jesster Allan B. Valenzuela

San Pascual

Illi iti Balay iti Burgos

San Pascual is the 14th barangay of the Municipality of Burgos. It was established in 1956. Its topography is mostly plains with creeks. The residents of San Pascual are mostly descendants of Burmal, Tarectecan, Sabado and Bonao clans. Ilocano is their native dialect. The inhabitants are diverse in their faith for they are members of different religions like Iglesia ni Cristo, Baptist, Roman Catholic and Born Again Christians.

There was a time in history that Barangay San Pascual was then part of Barangay Papallasen. It was then a “sitio” of the said barangay. However, there came a time that it was divided and thus, have become a separate barangay.

Since 1956, the administration of the barangay has always been in the hands of the local elders. The first Barangay Election was headed by Mr. Macario Tarectecan as Tenyente del Barrio during that time. Followed by Francisco Valdez, then Mr. Marcelo Siborboro. The Teniente del Barrio changed to Barangay Captain in 1980’s and the first Barangay Captain elected was Mr. Marcelino Briz who only worked for two years because he was assassinated by unknown people. The first Barangay Council took the post of Barangay Captain as stated by the Law. Mr. Wilfredo Briz acted as the Barangay Captain followed by Mr. Pedro N. Bonilla, then Mr. Orlino B. Sabado. Barangay Captain changed again to Punong Barangay and it was Mr. Wilfredo B. Peralta Sr. served as the first Punong Barangay. Then in 2010, Mr. Rufino B. Sabado served one term followed by Mr. Johny S. Tarectecan from 2013-2018. Then, Mr. Percibal A. Bonilla elected in 2018 up to present.


Barangay San Pascual is an agricultural land of Burgos inhabited by a hardworking, hospitable and God – fearing citizen, living in a clean and peaceful environment under a transparent, honest and responsible leadership.



To promote clean environment, peace and order and harmonious relationship among barangay folks. To ensure safety, camaraderie, equality and improve the life of our people.


Barangay San Pascual celebrates its Feast Day on April 26 in honor of San Antonio de Padua. During this day, people gather to attend the mass during the day and continue the celebration at night with dancing culture.

San Pascual is strategically situated south of barangay Bobonot in Dasol, Pangasinan. East of barangay Papallasen, West of barangay San Miguel and North of barangay Don matias. It has a three kilometer distance from the Burgos town proper and covers a total land area of 737.50 hectares.

  • Total Population                 : 1,594
  • Households                         : 426


Barangay Officials
Earl Lord S. Varona Kagawad
Rufino b. Sabado Kagawad
Wilfredo B. Peralta Kagawad
Renante T. Alferos Kagawad
Ronie C. Bunao Kagawad
Freddie t. Bonao Kagawad
Apolonio T. Bonao Jr. Kagawad
ALMA T. DE LEON Barangay Treasurer
ROWENA A. CAROLINO Barangay Secretary
SK Officials
Quennie D. Tarectecan Kagawad
Elmer B. Bonao Kagawad
Jeffrey C. Tarectecan Kagawad
Ma. Angela V. Alferos Kagawad
Angelica B. Cabaña Kagawad
Clinton C. Tarectecan Kagawad
Apolonio DC Domondon Jr. II Kagawad
Employment Data
  • Locally Employed: 95
  • Self-Employed: 220
  • Employed Overseas: 50
  • Total Number of Employed Residents: 365
  • Total Number of Unemployed Residents: 215
       Profession/Vocation   Number Non- Employed Employed
1.Doctor 0   0
2.Engineers 7   7
3.Nurses 5   5
4.Teachers 28   28
5.Seaman 10 7 3
6.Skilled Workers,specify- Carpenters               Line-men drivers, dressmaker, Ricemill operator part time only 10 4 38 5 2   10 4 38 5 2
Major Sources of Livelihood (e.g. farming,Fishing,employment, business)
  • Rank:
    1. Farming
    2. Employment
    3. Business
  • Major Locally Produced Products/Raw Materials
    1. Palay
    2. Charcoal
    3. Bamboo
  • Distribution of Establishments by major economic sector
    • Agricultural Establishment
      •                                                Type                Number
        a.Poultry/Livestock Farms 7
        b.Nurseries/Flower growing 0
        c.Breeding Stations 0
        d.Fishponds/Fishpens 0
        e.Oyster/Mussel Farms 0
        f.Orchards/Vineyards 0
        g.Vegetable Farms 1
        h. Others (Specify) Crasher 1
    • Commercial Establishment
      •                             Type               Number
        a.Sari-sari Stores 32
        b.Supermarkets 0
        c.Groceries/Dry Goods Stores 2
        d.Banks and Financial/Lending 0
        e.Motor Supply Stores 0
        f.Distributors,Dealers of Various Products 0
        g.Gasoline Station 1
        h.Photo and Record Shops 0
        i.Hospital/Clinic 0
        j.Jewelry Stores 0
        k.Pawnshop 0
        l.General Services/Contractors 0
        m.BeautyParlos and Barber Shops 0
        n.Fitness Gyms 0
        o. Restaurants 0
        p. Insurance/Dealer in Securities 0
        q. Furniture Stores 0
        r. Livestock and Poultry Supply Stores 0
        s. Hardware 0
         t.  Videoke Shops 0
         u. Internet Café Shops 0
    • Industrial/Manufacturing Establishment
      •                              Type              Number
        a.Handicraft 0
        b.Metal Craft 0
        c.Furniture 0
        d.Garments 0
        e.Ceramics 0
        f.Food Processing 0
        g.Mining and Quarrying 0
        h.Factories 0
        i.Rice/Flour/Corn Mills 0
    • Communication Services
      •                           Type If not present,state distance to the nearest service
        Telephone ü   
        Cellular Network/Site ü   
        Internet ü   
        Postal Services  
        Other (pls. Specify)  
    • Registered Voters
      •           Election Data 2016 COMELEC Data 2018 COMELEC Data
        1.Registred Voters    
        2.Numbers of Voters Actually Voted    
    • Barangay Government and Administration
      • Fiscal Capability
        • Income of the Barangay From Regular Sources
          •                                 Amount
              FY 2015    FY 2016   FY  2017
            1.      Revenue From Tax Ordinance      
            2.      Barangay Fees and Charges      
            3.      Others (Donations/Fund Raising)      
            1.      Internal Revenue Allotment 1,351,811.00 1,486,253.00 1,794,142.00
            2.      Real Property Tax share 45,000.00 42,500.00 40,000.00
            3.      Share from Sand, Gravel and Other Quarry Resources      
            4.      Community Tax Share      
            5.      Proceeds from the Development Utilization of National Wealth      
            6.      Annual Contributions to Barangay      
            a.      City/Municipality      
            b.      Provicial      
            7.      Others (specify)      
        • Actual Expenditures
          •               Expenses                                            Amount (P)
                   FY 2015       FY 2016       FY 2017
            1.Personal Services 460,104.00 675,688.00 742,912.00
            2.Maintenance and Other expenses 179,280.17 107,850.00 178,637.00
            3.Capital Outlay 22,750.00 15,000.00 45,000.00
                  T O T A L 662,134.17 798,538.00 966,549.00
      • Facilities owned and/or operated by the Barangay Government as of CY 2013 (pls. Specify)
        •                            Facilities            Pls. Check if Present
          1. Barangay Hall/Center
          1. Barangay Health Center
          1. Day Care Center
          1. Barangay Reading Center
          1. GabaysaMamamayanAksyon Center
          1. Multipurpose Hall/Pavement
          1. Market/Talipapa
          1. Playground
          1. Others
    • Being an agricultural barangay, most of the residents have backyard gardens and farm animals such as native chicken, goats, cows and carabaoswhich are raised either as food or help in the fields.  Malnutrition rate is minimal due to the existence of backyard gardens.
    • The top 5 cause of morbidity in the Barangay are
      1. High- Blood
      2. Heart Attack
      3. Dengue
      4. Cancer
      5. Diabetes
    • While the top 5 cause of mortality are
      1. High- Blood
      2. Heart Attack
      3. Dengue
      4. Cancer
      5. Diabetes
        • The Barangay Health Workers (BHWs) in coordination with the Municipal Health Office regularly conduct advocacy/IEC on healthy lifestyle and how to prevent the common diseases.
    • Majority of the population are engaged in either farming or fishing considering the presence of farmlands and bodies of water in the barangay.  The small portion of the population are engaged in micro-businesses, while those who were able to finish college are employed either in the government or in the private corporations.
    • Service of the local water district is present in the barangay. However, its water is not safe for drinking, hence majority of the residents are buying drinking water from water stations at the Poblacion area.  
    • Barangay San Pascual is generally peaceful with seldom occurrence of petty crimes.  Barangay Tanods are conducting night patrol regularly to ward off lawless elements from committing disorder in the area.  The presence of CCTVs and street lights in strategic places are also big help in the maintenance of peace and order and public safety.
    • Barangay San Pascual has a __80__% literacy rate.  The presence of public elementary  in the area is a great contribution to this high literacy rate.  Parents are being warned to send their children to school, since that is their duty and obligation and that the government is promoting universal education to this end.
    • Several civil society organizations, non-government and people’s organization exist in the barangay.  People’s participation is valued by the barangay official as manifested during barangay assemblies.
    • Barangay San Pascual has __4___km barangay roads, ___0____km is already concreted/cemented.  The remaining rough roads will be the priority of the present administration.  Likewise, the Barangay Hall, Barangay Health Center, Barangay Day Care Center are all in good condition and are regularly being maintained.
    • Punong Barangay PERCIBAL A. BONILLA is a first termer Punong Barangay.  One (1) of the Barangay Kagawad is first termer. Two (2) former Punong Barangay elected as Barangay Kagawad. All elective and appointed barangay officials are committed to ensure good governance.  
Water Sanitation
  • Repair of Baby Artesian Well
Basic Education
  • Activation of BCPC
Income and Livelihood
  • Sustainability of Backyard Garden in every households
Peace and Order
  • Monitor influx of new arrivals
  • Implementation of Curfew Hours
  • BADAC implementation
Health and Nutrition
  • Continuation of Supplemental Feeding Program
  • Provision of Multi-Vitamins
  • Reorganization of Mother’s Class
Environmental Development
  • Installation of Material Recovery Facility
  • Implementation of Barangay Solid Waste Management Plan
  • Clean Up Drive in every Friday of the month in every Sitio’s
  • Concreting of Brgy. Road
  • Riprapping of Drainage Canal
  • Construction of Multipurpose Shed
  • Re-gravelling of Brgy. Roads
  • Improvement of Brgy. Plaza
  • Improvement of Brgy. Road
Barangay San Pascual has a cooperative named San Pascual Women’s Multi- Purpose Cooperative.