Gov. Ramon V. Guico III
Mayor Jesster Allan B. Valenzuela

Coastal Features and Resources

Illi iti Balay iti Burgos

The coastal area of the municipality covers a total of 10,500 hectares located in the barangay of Ilio-Ilio which holds the whole coastline of Burgos. Coastal management in the municipality has relied on mixed usage of the waters of the municipality. Extending to 15 kilometers off the coast, fishing has been seen as a source of livelihood of the people.  It is considered a viable industry in this municipality with its territorial waters yieldingvarious marine resources. The waters of Ilio-ilio also provide the swimming and recreation areas of the beaches of Burgos, notably in the area of the Cabongaoan Beach.

The municipal waters of Burgos are being are currently allotted for three main uses. Eco-tourism use covers municipal waters closest to shore at about 1 kilometer from the shoreline. Aquaculture and multiple fishing are practiced beyond the 1 kilometer mark. . The three zones in the coastal area of Burgos are therefore and the Aquaculture Zone going further out to the 15 kilometer extent of the municipal waters.

Municipal fishing extends to 15 kilometers from the shoreline where fisher folk carry out fishing activities mainly through the use of fishing bancas. Municipal fishing comprises a substantial percentage of fish production in the municipality. Some fishers also engage in deep see fishing. Commonly caught in the fishing grounds of the municipality are those belonging to the family scombridae, acanthuride, scaridae, siganidae, leognathidae, caesonidae, gobidae, haemulidae and mullidiae as well as some invertibrates like lolligilidae, penaeidae, neptunidae, serranidae, poecillidae, ostreidae and porrtunidae.

Various issues and problems have surfaced in the coastal area of Burgos. Among these are aquatic pollution, low fish catch and possible overfishing and poor management of resource. On the other hand, opportunities have been identified in the use of coastal waters including greater fishing opportunities, potential areas for aquaculture, presence of more efficient fishing technology, and even climate peculiarities which prevent fishermen from extensively exploiting the marine resources and therefore allow the habitat to generate. To better manage the coastal areas of Burgos, the municipality has seen the need to develop a Coastal Resource Management Framework Plan.